Most of our masterclasses are free of charge for UN, IOs and Non-Profits. Please sign up for upcoming Masterclasses that are co-organized with LinkedIn via this link.

Masterclasses that are co-organized by the International Council on Badges and Credentials e.V. [ICoBC] can be found here.

LinkedIn Learning Administrator Champion (May 2024)

This masterclass is the natural progression of the 2023 edition and designed for those eager to maximize their use of LinkedIn Learning, from navigating the essentials of the product to leveraging the latest engagement tools such as the internal talent marketplace, skills insights and content mapping. Our expert- and peer-led instruction pills will provide you with the knowledge and inspiration to fully utilize LinkedIn Learning and its capabilities. You will also have a lot of possibilities to get to know your peers from other UN agencies, IOs and non-profits to discuss the practical implementation of what you have learned.

Future-Proofing International Associations (May 2024)

Future-Proofing International Associations: Leveraging Emerging Business Models, Digital Credentialing, and eAssessment is a masterclass that focuses on providing international associations with the tools and knowledge they need to adapt to changing demands and remain relevant in the future. The masterclass consists of four sessions, each of which covers a different aspect of future-proofing international associations.

Successful participants will be rewarded with a digital certification badge. The course material will remain accessible for three months.

Costs: 200 EUR + VAT

If you are from a low-income country in Africa and hence eligible for a discount of 50%, you can send a link to your LinkedIn profile for verification to Kai Limper in order to receive a discount link. This offer is in partnership with eLearning Africa. Please note that only after we have received your payment, you will receive the access to the eLearning platform that we use for this Masterclass.

More information:

LinkedIn Talent Acquisition Champion (October 2023)

This masterclass is designed to help you learn how to use LinkedIn to find, connect, and manage candidates for your organization. You will discover the best practices and tips for using LinkedIn’s hiring solutions, such as Recruiter, Jobs, InMail, Work With Us Ads, Pipeline Builder, Talent Hub, and Talent Insights. You will also learn how to collaborate with your hiring team and plan your talent strategy with LinkedIn’s data and insights. ach week, you will have access to a one-hour session with a LinkedIn expert and a UN agency or IO representative, who will share their experiences and answer your questions.

You will also have some preparation work to do before each session, which will take about two hours. The masterclass is free of charge and open to anyone from the UN, IO and NPO cluster who is interested in improving their hiring skills with LinkedIn.


Week 1 (10th of October at 1pm CET): Introduction to LinkedIn Hiring Solutions

  • Overview of the products and features
  • How to set up your account and profile
  • How to create a hiring project and a job post
  • How to use advanced search filters and keywords
  • How to use recommended matches and open to work filter

Week 2 (17th of October at 1pm CET): How to connect with candidates on LinkedIn

  • How to write effective InMail messages and templates
  • How to use bulk actions and smart replies
  • How to track and measure your response rate
  • How to use Work With Us Ads and Career Pages
  • How to build a pipeline of warm candidates with Pipeline Builder

Week 3 (22nd of October at 1pm CET): How to manage candidates as a team on LinkedIn

  • How to use collaboration tools and shared projects
  • How to share profiles and history with your hiring team
  • How to use tags, notes, and reminders
  • How to integrate your ATS with LinkedIn Recruiter and Jobs
  • How to use Talent Hub ATS to source, manage, and hire in one place

Week 4 (31st of October at 1pm CET): How to plan your talent strategy with LinkedIn

  • How to use Talent Insights to get market data and sourcing tips
  • How to benchmark your performance against competitors
  • How to identify talent pools and trends
  • How to optimize your employer brand and job posts
  • How to leverage LinkedIn talent blog and resources

In addition to watching the courses, completing the quizzes and exercises, you will also attend a weekly webinar (or watch the recording) where you will interact with other participants, share your insights and challenges, and receive feedback from peers.

You will also receive a certificate of completion and a badge that you can display on your LinkedIn profile to showcase your achievement as an Employer Brand Ambassador on LinkedIn.

Masterclass Lite on Open Badges and Micro-Credentials
(October 2023)

Embark on a transformative learning journey with the Masterclass Lite on Digital Badges & (Micro-)Credentials, commencing on October 9, 2023. The insightful program spans four weeks, offering participants a comprehensive understanding of digital identity, open badges, and verifiable credentials. In collaboration with eLearning Africa, the organizers offer a major discount to participants from the Global South.

Digital certificates, open badges, micro-credentials and verifiable credentials are becoming increasingly important in the education and training sector. As digital representations of learning achievements, they can be easily shared and verified online. They enable learners to showcase their skills and competencies in a transparent and credible way, and help employers and educators to recognize and value diverse forms of learning. They also facilitate lifelong learning and career development, as learners can accumulate and update their credentials across different contexts and platforms.

The Masterclass Lite on Digital Identity, Open Badges, and Verifiable (Micro-)Credentials invites you to explore the captivating world of digital identity and credentials. Over four enriching weeks, participants will delve deep into the significance of digital identity, open badges, and verifiable credentials in today’s professional landscape.

Throughout the program, participants will:

  • Gain insights into the concept of digital identity and its relevance in the modern era.
  • Discover the advantages and challenges of open badges and credentials for individuals, organizations, and stakeholders.
  • Explore practical examples and use cases of open badges and credentials across diverse sectors and domains.
  • Learn how to champion open badges and credentials, and acquire the skills to create, issue, and manage digital badges and credentials using online platforms and tools.

The Masterclass Lite is designed to be interactive, engaging, and hands-on. It features a blend of lectures, discussions, exercises, and assignments aimed at seamlessly translating knowledge into applied capabilities. Every week, participants will participate in live sessions at 1 pm CET on Mondays. Upon successful completion of the Masterclass Lite, participants will be awarded a digital badge as a symbol of their expertise in the field. The course material will remain accessible for an extended period of three months, ensuring continued learning and growth. 

Employer Brand Ambassador on LinkedIn (May 2023)

As a talent professional, you know how important it is to have a strong and consistent presence on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network – and used particularly by talent who works at and wants to work for UN agencies and IOs.

Whether you are looking for candidates, donors, partners, or mentors, LinkedIn is the place where you can showcase your skills, interest, and employer’s brand story. That’s why we are excited to invite you to join our upcoming masterclass on LinkedIn branding and storytelling: please share with your colleagues and peers from other agencies and IOs. 

This is a four-week free online course that will teach you and your interested colleagues how to:

  • Create and optimize a professional and authentic LinkedIn profile that reflects your personal brand and your employer’s brand.
  • Communicate effectively and persuasively on LinkedIn, using clear, concise, and engaging language and tone.
  • Create and share valuable and relevant content on LinkedIn that showcases your expertise, insights, and employer’s brand story.
  • Craft and deliver compelling stories that connect with your audience, demonstrate your employer’s values (i.e. diversity, inclusion and belonging), and inspire action.

In addition to watching the courses, completing the quizzes and exercises, you will also attend a weekly webinar (or watch the recording) where you will interact with other participants, share your insights and challenges, and receive feedback from peers.

You will also receive a certificate of completion and a badge that you can display on your LinkedIn profile to showcase your achievement as an Employer Brand Ambassador on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Learning Administrator Champion (May 2023)

As a LinkedIn Learning Administrator, you have a unique opportunity to empower your learners with the skills they need to succeed in their careers. But how do you make the most of this powerful platform and ensure that your learners are engaged and motivated?

This program is designed for LinkedIn Learning administrators who want to enhance their skills and knowledge in managing and promoting LinkedIn Learning within their organizations.

Together with a program committee from FAO (Irina), LinkedIn (Peter), OSCE (Aaron) and UNICC (Ilaria), we are conducting a Masterclass in May. OSCE has won the title “Best Culture of Learning” in 2021 in their category in Austria, and UNICC was a finalist in Switzerland: hence a combined power of expertise is assembled to deliver a four-week online program that will help you master the skills and best practices of managing and promoting LinkedIn Learning in your organization. You will learn how to:

  • Navigate and customize the LinkedIn Learning platform, create and manage learning groups and collections, assign and track courses, and generate and analyse reports.
  • Effectively communicate the value and benefits of LinkedIn Learning to your learners, managers, and directors.
  • Align LinkedIn Learning with your organization’s learning and development goals and strategies.
  • Design and deliver engaging and effective learning experiences using LinkedIn Learning.
  • Foster a culture of learning and growth in your organization using LinkedIn Learning.

In addition to watching the courses, completing the quizzes and exercises (~2 hours per week), you will also attend a weekly webinar (or watch the recording) where you will interact with other participants, share your insights and challenges, and receive feedback from peers. By completing the LinkedIn Learning Masterclass, you will earn a certificate of completion and a badge that you can display on your LinkedIn profile. You will also become part of a community of learning champions who are passionate about transforming their organizations with LinkedIn Learning.

LinkedIn Social Impact DACH Career Coach (May 2023)

Are you passionate about helping others find their dream jobs? Do you want to learn new skills and strategies to boost your own capabilities as a career coach? Do you want to join a community of like-minded professionals who share your vision of supporting economic opportunities for people facing barriers?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then we have an exciting opportunity for you!


By joining this masterclass, you will:

  • Learn how to create a professional and engaging LinkedIn profile that highlights your skills and experience as a job coach.
  • Learn how to effectively and confidently communicate with your clients, employers and network on LinkedIn.
  • Learn how to coach your clients through the job search process and help them achieve their career goals.
  • Learn how to recognize and overcome unconscious bias in yourself and others by becoming an ally, and how to promote diversity and inclusion in your coaching practice.

You will also get access to:

  • A certificate of completion from the LinkedIn Social Impact DACH team upon finishing the masterclass.
  • A badge for your LinkedIn profile that showcases your expertise as a “LinkedIn Social Impact DACH Career Coach”.
  • A network of fellow coaches who can support you and collaborate with you on future projects.

The masterclass is free of charge and open to anyone who works for an NGO in DACH and who is interested in becoming a job coach or improving their existing coaching skills. The only requirement is that you have a LinkedIn account and a willingness to learn.